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Perfect Hospitals by Excalibur
Excalibur PERFECT Healthcare Systems
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Who We Are

Excalibur is one of the pioneers in implementing Lean Systems in healthcare.

Who We Are Excalibur is one of the pioneers in implementing Lean Systems in healthcare. We are privileged to work with many of the finest healthcare organizations in North America. Excalibur began in 1990.   Our original focus was building Baldrige and ISO 9000 based Quality Systems for client companies in the aerospace, automotive, defense and transportation industries where we first realized that perfect systems could be achieved. Through several of our early quality system and process improvement consulting engagements we were introduced to and then quickly developed our own expertise in Lean Systems, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints. Today we work exclusively with healthcare providers and yet we maintain our relationships with world class organizations we have served in the past. Our offices are in Michigan. We serve client healthcare organizations throughout North America.


What We Do We listen to your needs. We observe and assess your process directly and comprehensively. We develop implementation plans specific to your culture, timing, budget and scope. We roll up our sleeves and work with you side by side as committed partners and get the job done.  We understand that Process Optimization is something that happens at the front lines of the PROCESS and not in the board room nor in a conference room. Excalibur’s staff are more than expert Lean and Quality  System builders. We are expert teachers, creative problem solvers, process analysts and innovators, catalysts, mentors and leaders for culture change. Complementing our capabilities, we have close working partnerships with organizations who are expert in benchmarking, strategic planning, computer based process simulation and optimization and Six Sigma.



Why We Are the Best Value Our history of accomplishments has demonstrated that we simply get the best results. We exceed your expectations, sometimes beyond what both we and our clients thought was possible. We do this much faster and at a lower cost than our competitors. As your partner we refuse to invest a single dollar in more staff, more rooms or more technology, until we have implemented every available process improvement that is free. Our staff are all veterans of process improvement with typically more than twenty years of progressive experience. At the conclusion of our engagement, you will have all the skills, knowledge and tools to sustain and continue to build on your performance improvements and truly be self sufficient. You will have support systems in place to monitor and nurture your new capabilities so that they become unshakably embedded in your organization.

"In our Lean Master course with Excalibur, the Instructors told us that as we plan and then implement improvements in our Kaizen activities that we must act with the same urgency as if our house was on fire. We were often outside our "comfort zones", but looking back at what we accomplished, thank God we were".


"This was not just a seminar. This was a life transforming event for me. This course [LEAN Master] woke me up to how I had such a limited view of what was possible both in my career and in my personal life. As they often quoted in class,

"I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest of caution".


"I want to thank this Team for accomplishing more in one week than has been done in the three years since I became the Director. It [the Emergency Department Kaizen] was like a log jam breaking free, not by using dynamite but by removing just the right logs to let the whole pile untangle".