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Excalibur On Site Hosted Workshops

Excalibur only offers its comprehensive learning workshops in host healthcare organizations. Your “learning experience” is balanced between individual or Team exercises (both in the classroom and in “live” environments), Instructor presentations and discussion, process simulation activities (not board games) and pre-course and after-class assignments. Class members will learn, apply and actually implement the foundation elements of a Lean System.

We offer the most comprehensive learning experiences in Lean, Six Sigma and Quality Systems in the industry and yes, we also know how to make learning fun.

At right is a representative listing of the specific elements of Lean Systems which we teach in our workshops. We offer this education in different formats to accommodate your needs and schedule. These formats are described below.

  • Lean System Certification (Ten Day Workshop)
    • Two One-Week Sessions or
    • Three 3 1/2-Day Sessions
  • Lean Practicum1 for Lean Leaders (Five Day Workshop)
    • Monday through Wednesday (Ten Hour Sessions)
    • Thursday (Eight Hour Session)
    • Friday (Half Day Session)
  • Lean Elements for Frontline Staff (One Day)
    • (This workshop may be videotaped and made available
      as “online” learning in your organization)
1 Licensing is available for the Lean Practicum for Lean Leaders.

Selected materials may be purchased at the Document Downloads tab.

We conduct our education in live environments. Not with board games, not with paper and pencil exercises and not with simulations adopted from factories using children’s building blocks.

Excalibur Education in Lean Systems Includes

  1. Seeing with “New Eyes” (8 Wastes / NonValue Added Work)
  2. Process Observation and Diagnosis 2 (Three Perspectives)
  3. Process Analysis Part 1 (Value Stream and Process Mapping)
  4. Process Simulation (An Introduction) 2
  5. 5S Workplace Organization and Standardization
  6. Error Proofing
  7. Quick Change Over (Equipment and Room Turnaround)
  8. Standardized Work (for Quality and Time Critical Procedures)
  9. Pull Systems (Kanban and Visual Materials Management)
  10. Theory of Constraints (An Introduction)
  11. Abnormality Management
  12. High Reliability Teams
  13. Cellular Work Processing
  14. Lean Facility and Work Area Layout 2
  15. A3 Problem Solving (Toyota Model)
  16. 3P (Production Preparation Process)
  17. Layered Audit
  18. Organizational Communication in a Lean System 2
  19. Performance Measurement in a Lean System
  20. Leading KAIZEN (Rapid Process Improvement)
  21. Process Analysis Part 2 (Computer Based Process Modeling)
  22. Catalyzing Culture Change
  23. Process and Equipment Maintenance 2
  24. Leadership in a Lean System
2 These workshops are exclusive Excalibur learning experiences.