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Quality Systems Implementation at Excalibur

How do we explain to a Patient that the error rate in Healthcare is as much as 10,000 times higher than in Aerospace?


At Excalibur, we believe perfection is achievable. The error rate in healthcare for many of its basic clinical processes is three errors per one hundred eventsyet in aerospace, nuclear and many


manufacturing organizations the error rate is on the order of three errors per one million events. A difference by a factor of 10,000! Is this because the people in these industries are more careful or because their processes are less complex than those in healthcare?


At Excalibur, our roots in the design, implementation and ongoing improvement of Quality Systems date back over thirty years, We have designed and implemented Quality Systems recognized by certifying agencies as the benchmark for certain industries. We have created Quality Systems and have helped our clients approach perfection in:


Aerospace Defense Hospitality Healthcare Manufacturing Service

The Quality Assurance System in healthcare is often the central coordinating function for all organizational improvement initiatives including LEAN or Six Sigma. The Quality System is the only process improvement activity in Healthcare which is accountable to an independent certifying organization. This makes the Quality Assurance System uniquely positioned and capable as the agency in healthcare to coordinate, monitor and maintain the system of performance improvement itself. Excalibur provides education, consulting and auditing services for these Quality System Standards: Baldrige, ISO 9000 and JCAHO.


How do we explain to a Patient that

the error rate in Healthcare is as much as

10,000 times higher than in Aerospace for

similarly complex processes?


Whether your organizational improvement initiative has been based on a Quality System, LEAN or Six Sigma initiative, Excalibur is able to build on your current foundation and dramatically enhance your health system’s level of performance. In our experience, we often find individuals in a healthcare organization with a background in Quality, Industrial Engineering, Six Sigma, LEAN or “Decision Support”. These individuals often belong to or report to different “departments” who view each other as being “competing” not cooperating entities. Excalibur can effectively harmonize these groups into a single high-functioning performance improvement Team. We provide a core education to each of these groups that complements their current skill set and provides a common mission and performance improvement approach.



  • “I have been a Nurse for 22 years and the Director of Quality for eight years. I can honestly say that I had an epiphany about how my role in Quality would change. Excalibur helped me see how our previous approach was only adding levels of complexity to the processes we were trying to improve. I used to go home with a headache, now I actually enjoy my work”.
  • “We have two “Management Engineers, an assortment of Six Sigma “belts”, two Decision Support Analysts, a “Lean guy” and five staff in Quality. In the past, when we would report on our projects in our monthly manager's meeting, we might as well held up signs saying, “My approach is better than yours!” We were like a group of capable athletes who did not know how to play together as a Team. Excalibur spoke each of our different languages and really brought us together.”