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Excalibur currently provides a library of informational resources available for viewing or purchase and download. 

In the future we will also be offering:

  • Video based instructional materials,
  • Spreadsheets for data analysis
  • Photo libraries which illustrate the results of process optimization in benchmark healthcare facilities
  • Case studies


We invite you to provide us with your requests for specific materials which will facilitate your own process improvement activities. Please complete the questionnaire on this page at right or submit your request or comments in the space below to tell us how we may be of further service to you. Thank you!



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Your Requests for Future Educational Materials Development


I am seeking educational presentations or video materials for these topics:

LEAN Systems

Introduction to LEAN Systems
LEAN for Senior Leadership
Why "LEAN" versus Something Else
ERROR Proofing
5S Work Area Organization
Quick Turnover Rooms/Equipment
A3 Problem Solving Format
Standardized Work
LEAN Material Control (Kanban)
Cellular Work Processing
Abnormality Management
LEAN Facility Layout
Communication in a LEAN System
LEAN Performance Metrics

Process Modeling

Six Sigma

Introduction to Process Modeling
Data Collection for Process Modeling
Universal Lessons for Healthcare
Introduction to Six Sigma
Introduction to LEAN-Sigma

Quality Systems

Which Quality Standard to Use: JCAHO, ISO or Baldrige?
Introduction to Quality System Tools
Corrective & Preventive Action
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