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Cancellation Policy

If an Individual Workshop Registrant Cancels a Workshop


You can process all enrollment substitutions or data corrections yourself by editing your enrollments online at Perfect Hospital. First Login to the website, click the menu: “Education | Workshops” and then click the submenu: “Edit an Existing Registration”. (NOTE: If you are part of a group that was registered by an individual in your organization, that individual will need to login under their account and change your registration). From this screen you will be able to either view or edit your enrollment(s) including specifying a substitute participant.


How to Cancel a Workshop Enrollment (Written Notice Required)


Written Notice Submitted Ten or More Business Days in Advance There will be no charge for substituting one person for another at any time or for cancellations received ten (10) or more business days in advance of the scheduled workshop start time.


You may also send your written cancellation or rescheduling request notice by e-mail. Please visit this page: www.perfecthospital.org/contact_us.php  and then click the Service @ Excalibur button to initiate your email. Please note that if you reschedule, space in the next scheduled workshop cannot be guaranteed.


Written Notice Submitted from Six to Nine Business Days in Advance Organizations or individuals submitting written cancellation or rescheduling requests less than ten (10) business days but more than six (6) business days in advance of the workshop will be given credit toward attendance at a subsequent workshop only (no refund) and will also incur a $100 per person rescheduling fee.


Written Notice Submitted Less Than Six Business Days in Advance or No Notice Organizations or individuals submitting a cancellation notice less than five (5) business days in advance of the workshop and "no-shows" will not be given a refund, nor credit toward a later program (unless there is a documented medical emergency for the affected individuals).


If Excalibur Cancels a Workshop

Excalibur reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any scheduled client-hosted or public workshop due to unforeseen circumstances with ten (10) business days notice to confirmed registrants.

  1. In the event of a cancellation by Excalibur, any payment for registration made for the canceled workshop will be refunded.
  2. In the event of rescheduling a workshop, your registration fee(s) will be credited toward participation in the rescheduled workshop.

The workshop registrant understands and agrees that Excalibur shall not, in any way, be held responsible for any costs, including loss of airfare or other transportation costs, hotel expenses or other damages, which the client may suffer in the event that Excalibur cancels or reschedules a workshop.


Return or Refunds for Digital Products

Because of the nature of our downloadable documents which are digitally delivered and non-tangible goods, we cannot offer refunds or chargeback's for these purchases. If you experience technical problems accessing a download or using the item you purchased, we are delighted to help you resolve the problem.