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How Well Do You See?

  “What do you see?”, is an important first question when learning Lean or Quality Systems. If you intend to eliminate the “waste” of your organization’s resources in all of its forms (there are eight forms of waste in a process) you must first understand what waste is and then be able to recognize it in your process. In the image above, there is more to the image than what is on “the surface”. This image is not merely two dimensional. We could tell you exactly WHAT is “hidden” in this image, but unless we taught you HOW to look at this image, you would never be able to see what is really there. You would only see random splashes of color. See the two black dots above? At Excalibur, we will give you the appropriate knowledge, tools (black dots), skill and practice to develop your ability to first “see” waste and then to know how to eliminate it.