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Thank you for visiting "PERFECT HospitalTM" by Excalibur PERFECT Healthcare Systems. We welcome your comments and participation in growing and perfecting this site. Just as we are dedicated to perfecting performance in healthcare, we are also dedicated to perfecting the performance of every function and the accuracy of all of the information in our site. If you have found any function that does not behave to your delight or have found any information that is inaccurate or incomplete please send us a note with your observations or recommendations. If you click the button above labeled "Website Misbehavior" (yes, in addition to being dedicated to perfection, we also have a sense of humor) it will open a note in your email service addressed to us. We suggest that the simplest method (the method we use when we communicate with our own IT Staff) for you to communicate your comments or observations is: 1) when you are at the misbehaving page, press the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard and then, 2) PASTE the "copy" of that particular screen (that you captured with the PRINT SCREEN command") into a Power Point slide or a Word document and 3) send that document ("marked up" with your comments) to us as an email attachment. Similarly, if you have a suggestion for how to improve or expand any part of this site, please click the button above labeled "Suggestions" and send us a note detailing your recommendations or ideas.
Thank you from all the Staff and Partners at Excalibur!