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Consulting at Excalibur

Our consulting partnership with you begins with our observation and assessment of your current process and performance. Our goal is to diagnose and understand your culture, your process and the systems in which they operate. This provides the foundation for our recommendations on how to most effectively improve your performance


including staff education, computer based modeling of the process and selection of appropriate process improvement systems and tools.


In our development and implementation of a Lean System, we are guided by the original, undiminished, unadulterated approach practiced by Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo. We don’t "think" Lean, we don’t "story tell" Lean and we don’t waste the Client's resources by doing Lean "cheerleading". We help make healthcare organizations be Lean.


Throughout our work, we always keep sight of the elimination of waste and NonValue Added Work in the process. We also recognize that the real potential of a Lean System lies in its implementation as a system. A Lean System is not a random selection of Lean Tools chosen from a list. Seeds planted the correct depth at the right time of the season in good soil with adequate sunlight, watering, fertilizer and pest control stand a good chance of becoming a successful garden. Seeds thrown on the ground with the initial addition of a little water are simply not likely to be productive. In our first Lean implementation activities, we apply a “suite of foundation Lean elements”. We then progressively apply additional Lean elements as needed by the process. We fully appreciate the difference between a true Lean System and “Lean Lite”.


We don’t "think" Lean, we don’t "story tell" Lean and we don’t 
waste the Client's resources by doing Lean "cheerleading".
We help make healthcare organizations be Lean.

At Excalibur, our ability to effectively improve your performance derives from our systematic examination and understanding of your community, your culture, your facility, your target processes and the systems in which they operate.


Following is a description of our first engagement with our clients:


Prior to Arrival  at Your Site

Conduct web meeting or teleconference with sponsoring executives and Key Stakeholders to plan our visit



Day One 

Arrive at client facility with Excalibur Team.


Excalibur Team assess the target processes.


Client representatives from target processes are available to the Excalibur Team to answer questions.


Prepare presentation summarizing our observations

Day Two 

Conduct Introductory Training for Sponsors, Stakeholders and affected staff (4 Hours).


Lunch meeting to address your questions.


Meeting with Sponsors and Stakeholders to present our recommendations and action plan.


Please contact us at to begin your journey to perfect performance: